These are the lovely set of people who’ve been giving in their time and expertise to help bring the Jam together.

Aya Miura
Aya Profile Picture Square
Aya is a service and product designer who currently graduated from her masters degree in Service Design Innovation. She is interested in the cultural differences in physical processes and how it affects a person’s interaction with products and communities.

Florian Grossmann
Florian is enthusiastic about bringing together business and design to drive meaningful innovation, currently studying MDes Design Management Innovation at Ravensbourne, London. Also loves guacamole.

Ilan Sinai
An Experience & Service designer with a background in Inclusive Industrial design. I’m fascinated by human behaviour and emotions. Why and how people think and feel, and how they experience the world. You can find me @Ilan_Sinai or at home roasting my own coffee blend :)

Lily Dart
Lily is a freelance service designer and user researcher, with a passion for solving difficult problems. She uses customer focused design techniques, balanced with business insight, to help organisations create better service experiences.

Qin Han

A design generalist swinging and weaving between Service Design and User Experience Design – one day it will all make sense =). Follow me @Qin_Han

Veronica Naguib (previously Massoud)
Veronica is the Head of CX at @theBIOagency.  She’s been practicing Service Design for a long time and was a part of the first Masters course in Service Design in the UK. (@veronicamassoud)

Ximena Bonilla
Ximena (a.k.a Xime) is a guatemalan industrial designer and photographer exploring the world of Service Design in London, one Service blue print at a time! Find me @la_xime_


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