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The Master of Design in Social Innovation applies the lens of design thinking to address some of society’s most intractable social, environmental and economic challenges.

Also the Service Design Innovation programme provides the opportunity for you to develop creative thinking and innovative strategies through an advanced understanding of the practical application of design thinking and design strategy that can be applied in a global context.

In the face of the promise of untold growth we are now confronted by a harsh reality: that in the second decade of the 21st century the traditional model of ‘business as usual’ is no longer viable. In applying a range of approaches to designing and prototyping social ventures and models of organisation, the MDes in Social Innovation will equip you with a practice-based approach to embedding innovation in the area of sustainability, community resilience, corporate social responsibility, venture philanthropy and organisational agility. Working with a cross- disciplinary team of professionals, the course will allow you to learn about radical ideas, evolve these ideas and test them in a ‘lived’ organisational environment.

The MDes Social Innovation will demonstrate that many of the most successful designs, innovations and innovators have learned to operate across the boundaries between disciplines, sectors, organisations and traditional services.

The course will develop your ideas and skills in people-centred and organisational leadership as a way of transforming the way that public, private and not-for-profit services are shaped using design thinking methodologies.



Global Service Jam 2014 London team – The Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen
Cooking up a better community

The Community Kitchen is a shared physical space in which people can cook together. It plays on peoples love of food, curiosity to learn and desire for fun. People see cooking as an equaliser. They see it as something bound in culture and heritage but equally open to creating new things by merging those cultures.

See project here:

Thank you for a fab weekend!

This is official – it’s the best jam London had so far! Sunshine and big red bus – you just can’t go wrong 🙂

A quick look at some of the high lights – put together by jammers on social media:

Memorable moments that’s been captured by our lovely Rob and Ilan:

Feel free to add to the Flickr photo pool if you have taken pictures during the weekend – it is open to the public!

Also, we promised video and video there will be – please be patient, we are working hard on editing together all the juicy bits 😉

Here’s a list of all the projects we created in 48 hours:

Again, big big thank you to all jammers, mentors, organisors and sponsors – we wouldn’t be here without you!