Nile is bring you the big red bus!

Special Sponsor

You may have heard that we are going to be jamming on a big red bus this year. Thanks to Nile‘s generous sponsorship, our jam-on-a-bus dream comes true!

Here’s bit words about our very new friend,

Nile are proud to support the Global Service Jam 2014. We hope all the jammers participating from around the world have a great experience and that together you come up with great ideas that will go on to have an even greater impact!

At Nile we believe in the potential of services, to simplify life, to create meaningful connections, to benefit organisations and customers day in day out. We help organisations develop and sustain great digital services by co-creating and iterating our designs with customers and stakeholders, creating shared value for all involved.

We’ve been working tirelessly to rid the world of poor digital services since 2006. During that time we’ve helped NHS Direct develop mobile symptom checkers and helped RBS customers get cash when without a card and manage their money using a mobile wallet. Our work in the banking sector has been awarded a Cannes Lion award.

Good luck to all jammers from everyone at Nile, let’s spread the word, it’s time join the service design revolution!



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