Thank you & see you next year!

A big big thank you to all who attended the jam this weekend – hope you had a great time!

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.33.06

We’ve got a Flickr pool for everyone to share pictures, so please go ahead to join the sharing:

If you are sharing video or other contents online, please tag it with GSJ13.

Gutted to miss the jam this year’s jam? no worries, get the spirits of the jam at Planet Jam website – where you can find video of the theme and all the projects from all over the world. Remember to check out our mighty London teams:

Also, here is a live recording of the final presentation on Sunday:

Again, thank you to all dedicating mentors, passionate jammers, hard-working hosts, generous sponsors and our very lovely Generous Birds 🙂

We’d like to make it a better jam for 2014, so if you’d like to join us volunteer for host, mentor or simply have some great idea for the next jam, please feel free to get in touch:


twitter: @GSJ_London

future vision


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