LBi on our support

We are glad to confirm that this year, LBi is supporting London jam with their brilliant space again this year. And their User Experience department is taking care of everyone’s drink in Friday evening!

LBi is a well-know global marketing and technology agency. It was the venue supplier of the London jam last year and this year, we are glad to continue the collaboration with the aim to provide our jammer with the best creative space for the jam weekend.

At the moment we are seeking an appropriate second venue for approxmiately 50 people (with free wifi access) and also sponsors to cover a number of hosting costs (see sponsor pack here).

Last year, the jam attracted over 100 people including jammers and mentors from all disciplines. This year, we are looking forward to putting together a even more exciting event by introducing an element of Dragon’s Den to heat things up a bit – well still classified as top secret at the moment but watch out for good news from us 🙂

If you are interested in becoming our venue, here is what to expect:


The main purpose of the second venue is to allow approximately 40 participants to work in teams independently indoor. The basic requirements of the venue are:

  1. Opened to these participants during the following times: 25th Saturday 8am-12pm, 26th Sunday 8am-4pm.
  2. Enough power sockets to cover at least 7 laptops to run at the same time – participants will be responsible to bring their own laptop and keep an eye on it.
  3. Access to Wifi – preferably free
  4. Wall space for participants to put up flip charts and post-it notes(can be meeting rooms)
  5. The venue do not need to supply stationary or food, these will be covered by sponsorship or brought in by the participants.


We are happy to offer 5 pre-reserved tickets for the venue supplier.  It offers excellence chance for recruitment if there are participants from the venue supplier in the jam. Becoming a venue also expose their company brand to a number of passionate professional and students in Service Design.


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