What happened in the last jam?

The best way to describe a thing is to show it, so we collected photo and videos of what happened last year. For these who didn’t come to the jam last year, this is what you can expect (and more, of course!) For these who did join us last time, we hope it brings a smile on your face 🙂

On friday night, we all received the top secret jam theme in a movie. Here is the movie from last, and you can guess how much fun we had creating Super Hero Services!

Then in the following Saturday and Sunday, all jammers started to work on the theme and develop new services with support and guidance from the mentors. Dear Ann Danylkiw made this lovely film for the London jam, reporting what she sees in 48 hours.

GSJ11: news version from Ann Danylkiw on Vimeo.

At Sunday 3pm, all team get together to celebrate the results and here is the thank you message from the host team last year to all the wonderful jammers we had.

The process of the jam is broadcasted on our Ustream channel so you can have a look at what happened, and also here is the presentation of all teams at the end, all these services are designed just within 48 hours! For a showcase of all projects, please find them at the Planet Jam.

Also here is the photo pool of GSJ London where you can find a collection of images of our teams all working away in the fabulous spaces provided by LBi and Seren.

Welcome all in Seren venue :)
At the beginning

GSJam London 2011, a group on Flickr.


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